Equine Emergency?




Wellness Care: We provide individualized vaccination and deworming plans for each of our patients. For example, did you know that foals and broodmares should be on a completely different vaccine and deworming schedule than adult horses? If your horse stays at home, their needs will be completely different than a horse who travels to all corners of the world. Our plans are based upon the American Association of Equine Practitioner’s guidelines, and by your particular exposure risk. Routine dental care is a part of wellness care, and we can help you decide how to best address your horse’s oral health.

Coggins and Health Papers: Most horses in the state of Georgia are required to have an annual coggins test (a simple blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia) performed by a veterinarian. It generally takes about a week to get coggins tests back. If you are travelling across state lines, you will also need a health certificate, which we will happily issue for you. In some cases, a 6 month health certificate can be obtained.

Dental Care: KLM Equine provides a wide spectrum of options for equine dental care. Differential wear of the teeth can be a source of pain, leading to poor performance, and may also prevent appropriate chewing, leading to weight loss, especially in our older patients.

Lameness and Poor Performance: Whether your horse has an obvious source of pain, or just doesn’t seem to be moving correctly, a lameness exam is the place to start. A lameness exam typically begins with a thorough examination and joint flexions to evaluate a horse’s movements. From there, we have the unique ability to pursue very subtle and complex cases with the help of thermographic cameras and an instrument known as the Lameness Locator (a computer based device that uses gyroscopes and other measuring instruments to evaluate a horse's motion). We can look at the bones of the horse's skeleton with digital radiographs that you can have same-day access to through our website, and we can evaluate soft tissue structures in real-time with ultrasound imaging. Based on our evaluation and the information we can gather, we can provide a plan for you with the most current information and cutting edge therapies.

Thermography: Our cameras can provide vital information regarding your horse’s injury and can evaluate the quality and rate of recovery. This is also one of the best ways to evaluate areas of injury that can otherwise be very difficult to assess (muscles of the back, groin, etc.). Saddle fit problems can also be addressed with a thermographic camera if that is a concern for your horse.

Lameness Locator: How often do you struggle with a lameness you can feel, but you cannot see? Or a horse that is so lame in multiple areas that you don't know where to begin to treat? These lameness issues are often very difficult to appreciate with the human eye. The lameness locator allows us to confirm where a problem is, to determine which problem(s) are primary and to focus our attention to that area.

Digital Radiography: KLM Equine provides digital radiography to provide same-day answers for most bone-related problems. This is also a great way to work with your farrier to ensure appropriate balance and shoeing techniques. We can upload the images to our secure website, or provide you with a digital copy.

Ultrasound: Digital Ultrasound is a great, non-invasive way to evaluate soft-tissue structures that cause horses varying degrees of lameness.

Therapy: Treatments for lameness are as varied as the causes of lameness themselves. Depending on your equine's particular problem, we will use the most current and effective therapy indicated. Oftentimes, treatment of lameness requires a multi-faceted approach, and our doctors will continue to follow up with you and your patient to ensure a successful outcome.

Reproductive Services: At KLM Equine, we provide comprehensive reproductive services, including semen storage, artificial insemination, and pregnancy diagnosis.

Neonatal Services: The most critical time for a new foal is the first 24 hours. We are here to be sure your new foal gets started on the right hoof, and to answer any questions you may have during this exciting time.

Medicine: Unfortunately, the phrase “healthy as a horse” doesn’t always apply. When you find that your horse is under the weather, we are available to help get your horse or donkey back on the mend as quickly as possible. We are also available for ophthalmology and dermatology problems.

Surgery: We are available for minor procedures including castrations, mass removals, and minor orthopedic procedures. If you have a question about your horse’s procedure, just call.

Herd Health: Sometimes your questions aren’t just about one horse, but about a barn full of horses. We understand the intricacies of navigating the best interests of both the individual and the herd, and are here to help.

Colic Care: Colic is still the number one medical emergency for horses. KLM Equine is here to help not only treat colic when it arises - with 24 hour emergency coverage, but more importantly, to do what we can to help you prevent it in the first place.

Emergency Services: Very rarely do horses get into trouble during regular business hours. We recognize that, and strive to provide you with excellent emergency care whenever you need us. From lacerations to colic, abscesses to eye problems, please call the office at 770-752-0177 to be connected with a veterinarian.

Pre-Purchase Examinations: Our pre-purchase examination is designed to give you as much information about a new horse as possible. The doctors at KLM Equine provide a thorough, nose to tail examination, evaluating conformation, movement, and major body systems. If indicated, we provide complete digital radiographs and blood testing.


We strive to provide the most advanced lameness diagnostics, therapies and comprehensive equine care in North Georgia. Here with KLM Equine, you will find that your horse's well-being comes first. We also believe strongly in client education. If you have a question for us, or are curious about any component of your horses care, do not hesitate to ask us. Making you a more informed and better-educated horse owner is our goal.  

Our practice area includes Alpharetta, Ball Ground, Canton, Cumming, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Milton and Woodstock. If you have questions about whether or not your particular barn is in our practice area, give us a call.